You Can Find a Better Apartment if You Just Start Looking

We had problems with our water heater. It was electric, and it had two heating elements. One kept burning out every couple of months. The water would barely get lukewarm when that happened. I asked the landlord three times to just put in a new water heater as something was obviously wrong with it burning out elements every couple of months. He would not do it. Then the air conditioning would only cool the apartment to just under 80 degrees on hot days. The repair tech said it needed replaced. We started looking at apartments in Fort Worth when the landlord said he could get to it in a month or so. We had to get a judge involved to get out of our lease, but we moved the same day it was approved.

We found a much nicer place in Fort Worth for about the same rent we were paying back at the place we used to live. It is so nice to now be in a place where they keep the place up. They even have emergency maintenance available for when things go wrong. Our apartment has tall ceilings and we have a big laundry room right in our apartment. We bought our first washer and dryer. We had to use a laundromat before. It is so nice not having to haul clothes to a public laundry anymore. Plus, we can just wash a load of items midweek instead of having to wait. If I want to wear a favorite shirt twice in a week, I can just throw it in with some other clothes and I’m good to go. It is a real privilege to have your own washer and dryer at home.

We have a designer kitchen with black appliances, and there is a built-in computer desk at our apartment that is really nice for working at home. We like it here a whole lot better. It just goes to show you that you do not have to settle. Just get out and look around for a better place to live.