What Can the Matter Be

One day my computer started having trouble, and eventually I couldn’t boot into the operating system. I used my phone to look for a solution, but couldn’t come up with one. I was stumped and in need of a way to use my computer, so I came up with an alternative. I went to Pirate Bay and downloaded a version of Linux. I then transferred this to a flash drive and booted it up through my computer. After doing some configuration, I had a viable operating system that I could use until I figured out what going on with the other one.

I usually use Linux as a fall back operating system whenever I’m having trouble with a computer. Linux has some differences from my usual operating system, but it’s similar enough that I can still use it without having too much of a problem. Installing programs can be a bit annoying to do from the terminal, but it becomes less painful as time goes on. I don’t have to worry about installing an anti virus software because hardly anyone wastes their time writing viruses that will infect a Linux system. Not only that, there are many varieties of Linux available, so trying to write one that will affect as many systems as possible will be a fruitless effort.

the problem with my computer turned out to be a hard drive issue. The hard drive was on the verge of dying, so I backed up the information on the hard drive that I wanted to keep, and took it out of my computer. I replaced it with a newer hard drive that is much faster because it doesn’t rely on moving parts to access and write data. It’s a little smaller than my old drive, but I’ll take the trade off in space.