We Needed to Rent One of the Limo Party Buses to Pick Up Our Big Family from the Airport

We never rented a limo for our family coming in for the holidays because there is usually 25 of them. It is a fun yet chaotic time at our house for the week they are all here. Sometimes we fly over to be with them for a week, but sometimes they all fly here. Everyone wants to come visit. We are like that as a family. They all book the same flight together. I usually have friends help me pick them up. When I learned of the stretch limos that limo companies are now renting (check out http://www.limoservicemississauga.org), we got one of them instead.

We got a bigger bus so we could ride into the airport and back with them. Plus, we needed a place to put all the luggage. The bus we got had a bathroom in it and a beverage bar. It was a fun ride! Some stay at our house, and some stay at my in-law’s house just across the street from us. We are packed to the rafters with people that week, and it is a bunch of crazy fun. The good experiences far outweigh any stress of being packed into a house like sardines sharing two and a half bathrooms. Fortunately, my in-laws have a big house too.

We have to eat in shifts because there is not enough room at the table. We manage the main holiday meal by having lots of trays so the kids and anyone who can sit on the floor will eat there. Is that quirky? Yes, but it works for us. The oldest is 93. She stays in the guestroom downstairs that has its own bathroom. Two aunts stay in the room with her. I usually get up in the night to check on everyone. There is lots of snoring, CPAP machines running, kids with their legs still kicking from all the play of the prior day and lots of love. We are definitely renting the same limo from the company that has buses for their return trip to the airport.