We Love Our Brand New House!

We’re newly weds, and we just purchased a lot to build our new house. It’s going to be fantastic, I can’t wait! We’re even going to help build the house ourselves, because my husband is a carpenter. His brother’s are going to help us also, as it’s a family business. The cost of the house is going to be a lot cheaper than buying a house outright. We’ll have to find an electrician in Passaic County NJ though because they aren’t trained in that sort of thing.

My house will have four bedrooms, and three bathrooms. We’re gearing up to live here for a very long time and we’ll need plenty of space for the family we intend to have. My favorite part of my house is my kitchen, it’s got so many cabinets and counter space that I could teach a cooking class in it. I absolutely love to cook, so this has always been a dream of mine. I even will have two ovens so that I can bake double the batches of cookies for the bake sales.

I can imagine all of this in my mind perfectly, and we haven’t even broken ground yet. My new husband is happy he is going to be able to make my dreams come true. We will have a beautiful home, and soon, a beautiful family. I haven’t told him yet, but we have our first little one on the way. I’m not far along, only about two months, but I’m waiting until our ground breaking day next week to announce it.

We’re going out to dinner the night of ground breaking to celebrate the start of our new project, so I figured it would be fitting to celebrate the start of our new family member as well. I smile constantly, and he thinks it’s all because of the house, but he’ll soon know and he’ll be smiling from ear to ear too.