We Are Pleased with Our Home Security System

The whole purpose of a home security system is to provide early warning and to act as a deterrent. The early warning is for the occupants and for emergency services. The deterrent rests in the fact that criminals want to avoid getting caught, so they chose houses with no alarms over ones that have them. When we were getting an alarm system for our house, we contacted ADT in Plano to get a new digital system.

I like our system and how it uses the cellular network instead of a landline telephone system to be able to contact the monitoring agency. We do not have to worry about some savvy thief cutting the phone line to prevent the system from calling for help. The smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are also monitored. The fire alarm part of the system will call the monitoring agency and get help on the way regardless of whether or not we are home or not or awake or fast asleep. It is comforting to know that the system will call for help even if we are incapacitated.

I also like the cameras we have installed as part of the alarm system that allow us to see our home and property using our smartphones from pretty much anywhere in the world. I even know when someone comes to the door while I’m at work or even on vacation with my family halfway across the world. The system was very affordable, and the monthly monitoring fees are less than it costs to take my family out for a cheap meal. This is peace of mind at a level I appreciate. The system is easy to use too. I am happy that we have the home security system. It was a good investment, especially with some of the crimes that have been happening in our area recently.