Tree Removal Companies in Long Island

I think that it is time to have some tree work done in my yard again, and I have probably been putting it off because I am not looking forward to having to pay as much money as it tends to cost for this type of work. But maybe I can get a better deal this time than last time around. I am going to try to look for companies that do tree removal in Long Island and I would like to see if I can get a few quotes from a few different companies to compare.

Of course, before I can get quotes, I will have to figure out exactly what I want to have done. If I wait until I get someone over here for a quote, then they are going to suggest that I have all these things removed or trimmed, probably far exceeding what I would plan to have removed on my own. I know that they need to try to make as much money as possible though, and I mean that is kind of the point of doing business. But anyway, I feel it is important that I have a pretty solid idea in mind for what I want to have done before I get any quotes.

I will be willing to listen to recommendations for other things to have done, of course, because I am not going to ignore good advice. But I think that I will be better equiped to keep the final prices down if I go into the process with a plan. I know that there are a few trees that worry me, int hat they could potentially fall on the house at some point. They are going to cost more to have removed due tot he close proximity to the house.