Three New Showers for Our Old House

I live in a very old house. It was built sometime in the 1800s, and whoever built it did a great job because it is solid. As soon as I saw it, I knew that I wanted to buy it. The house is solid, and there are nearly 50 acres of land too. My husband loves having that much land, so I told him he could do whatever he wanted with it, but that I got to do my own thing inside the house. The first thing I did was search for shower replacement in Queens NY on my computer.

I knew that there was not a local company that would do this, but it would not be too far of a haul for someone to come from Queens. I knew that I could handle painting the walls myself and my husband would put in the sink that I wanted. Neither of us had the know how on replacing the shower though. We got such a great price on the house that I had plenty left in my budget to hire a professional to do it. I knew what I wanted, so I just had to find someone who could give me that.

The company that I hired is absolutely great. In fact, I ended up having them do all three bathroom showers. We originally only had two full baths, but the half bath was big enough to put a shower stall in there too. The shower company offers great prices and some pretty fantastic deals, so it was just too hard to pass up. I knew that our kids would appreciate having a third shower in the house too. The work was done quickly, and we were all taking showers much sooner than we thought we would in this new house of ours!