Things We Know to Look for when Picking a New Apartment

We have two kids and two dogs. Technically that is having four kids as our dogs are like family, and they require care and supervision. We were in a position of needing to move because the property manager of our old place would not fix some serious problems. We were searching for nice apartments for Tallahassee when we found Parkway Square. It was a real step above where we were living. I am not sure what was going on yet, but I think the owner really wanted to drive tenants out to rebuild into something else. We really have been impressed with Parkway Square from the first day. This place is kept up really nice.

We had looked at a lot of apartments in our two month search. We took our time so as not to move into another situation we would want out of. We took the time to even meet a few people close to the apartment we were considering. We did not do that last time and were regretting our decision with the first arguments and slamming doors we heard from next door. It is not like that here at Parkway Square. We wish we would have found this place a long time ago.

This might sound funny, but I have noticed that you can get a feel for a place by looking at how well kept the grounds and pool are kept. In Florida you need to keep up the daily maintenance on a swimming pool or you get green water pretty fast. Seeing the sparkling clear water of the swimming pool at Parkway Square let me know that maintenance is kept up. The lawn was mowed, and there were no weeds. Seeing weeds in the sidewalk cracks or planting beds is not a good sign. There was none of that here. The whole place is clean and well kept. Just what we wanted.