They Got My Daughter to the Next Level

I bought some piano lessons for kids in Singapore because my daughter needed them. We employed the services of an instructor who would come over to the house to teach her techniques and they just didn’t click. My daughter didn’t care for the teacher and thus made little progress in learning how to play the instrument. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, you’ll never master anything unless you really click with the person teaching you. I’ve always learned better and faster with someone I liked and respected than with a person who seemed hostile or indifferent.

I wanted my daughter to learn to enjoy playing the piano, to have a passion for the instrument that would translate into really achieving mastery over the keyboard. She certainly has the drive and the interest, but we needed to find someone who shared her joy and could help her reach the next level of playing. I did some research online and learned about a music centre here in the city that teaches children of all levels how to play various instruments. I went and had a meeting with them and met the piano instructor and thought quite highly of the place.

Even better is that my daughter thought quite highly of the centre as well. She really hit it off with her new instructor and I saw the benefits almost immediately. My daughter couldn’t wait for her lessons each week, seemed very enthusiastic about going in for them, and even picked up her playing at home by quite a bit. On top of all of that, I noticed she played better. She had more finesse and seemed to hit the difficult notes without missing a beat. And to think all it took was switching over to the music centre. I’m so glad I found this place.