The Neighborhood Isn’t the Same

The residents of Boise were shaken after hearing about a burglary on my street. Our little community hadn’t had anything like this happen to it, and we were all afraid to sleep after that. The local ADT Boise branch received a lot of calls from people who wanted to have security systems installed in their homes, and I was among the people who made the calls. Some people went to the local gun shop and bought guns to protect their homes. I already had a gun, but I really didn’t want to have to use it.

The installation of the security system gave me comfort in knowing that if anyone tried to get into my home while I was asleep or away, the system would trigger an alarm that would try to drive them away. The system would also contact the police and record the whole event. I figured that having something like that would be able to deter any kind of criminal activity. The ADT sign on my lawn lets people know that I have their security system, and I hope that criminals see this before they come to my home. Of course, criminals these days have become a little more brazen, so some might try to break in regardless of the system.

On another street in Boise, a home was burglarized, but the home owner had a security system installed, so the criminal was apprehended. The criminal actually tried to steal a television after the alarm had been triggered. I know criminals aren’t the smartest people in the world, but this was probably one of the dumbest criminals that I’ve ever heard about. It’s a good thing he was so stupid, because he got himself caught and made us all feel more safe by being placed in a jail cell.