The First Condo Quiz Competition

My friends can be a bit competitive at times. When we’re all eating at a restaurant, someone will randomly start eating faster than the others, and we’ll end up in a race to see who can finish their meal the fastest. A few weeks ago at my condo at the Treasure at Tampines, we were watching a game show where contestants had to answer trivia questions for money. We were competing with each other to see who could get the most right answer. No one was keeping score during the game, so no one really remembered who had the most. I remembered that a video game version of the game show had been made, so I ordered the game and invited my friends over again to have a real competition.

For the game, I decided to make a prize pool that anyone could get if they won the game. Each person had to put $100 into the pool as an entrance fee. To play the video game, each person had a controller and they were allowed to create their own custom character however they wanted. The controllers had a button that would be pressed whenever someone wanted to guess the correct answer, and then they would have to type in the answer with the rest of the controller buttons.

I ordered pizza and everyone came to the condo to eat before the game. As the game started, everyone tried their best to be the first one to answer the question. It was as easy as the contestants on the actual game show made it look. Just when I was about to take the lead, one of my friends would answer a few questions and take it. I had to make a big decision to get ahead. Some questions let players bet money, and if they get the right answer, they get even more. I got one of those questions and bet everything I had. Luck was on my side, because I got the question right. At the end of the game, I had the highest score, so I won the prize pool.