The Entire Team Gets Chiropractic Care

When we got a new head coach for our college football team, we were all excited. I am one of the special teams coaches, and I knew that we needed to head in a different direction if we were ever going to get out of our slump. When he told us that he wanted all of the players to see a chiropractor in Santa Barbara, I admit that I was just as confused as the other coaches. We knew that chiropractic care is important for players who are injured, and we made sure that they received all the medical attention they need should an injury occur, regardless if it is on the field or off.

However, none of our players were injured at that time. I know a bit about preventive care, but I honestly never considered it as far as chiropractic care is concerned. The new coach explained his reasoning, and we were all on board with it. It is hard not to be considering the record that he has had for the last ten years as a head coach. He is obviously doing something right, and we were excited to be part of the team with him now.

We got all the players signed up for chiropractic care, and the difference in their performance is nothing short of amazing. They all performed much better after receiving chiropractic care for a few weeks. I am not saying we turned into a better football team because of it, but our players are definitely shaping up because of it. In fact, I was so impressed with what they were experiencing that I decided to undergo some chiropractic care myself. I am not as young as they are, but I felt it might be helpful for me too, and it was! This year, we already have the best record we have had in the last decade, so I am excited to see where this goes.