The Best Cleaners in This City

It took me some time to find effective home cleaning services in Singapore. I kept hiring companies, and I kept firing them because they couldn’t do a good job. They either didn’t show up on time, or when they did they couldn’t do a good job. Most of these places let you know up front what they’re willing to clean and for how much, which makes sense to me, but so few follow through on the delivery. I got tired of handing money over to firms that seemed like they wanted to cut corners and make a quick buck.

Part of the problem is that I’m a clean freak and I’m picky. I’m not the easiest person to work for and can get quite prickly when something isn’t done right. I’ve actually had shouting matches with services I’ve hired in the past over seemingly unimportant things, so I’m sure that played a part in my difficulties in finding a good company willing to work with me to get this place picked up. I’ll also refuse to pay if I think they didn’t deliver on something they promised to do, as is my right. Who would pay someone for nothing doing work as promised?

The company I eventually found, however, is the absolute best company I’ve ever worked with in any capacity. Not only did they get the job done exactly as they said they would, they went above and beyond in my opinion. They were very courteous, listened to my concerns, and then got the job done without cutting any corners. I’ve never seen my place look this good. They did such a good job that I’ve probably gotten at least five of my friends to hire them as well. They do that good of work. I’ll never go with anyone else in the future.