She is No Longer Worried About Exams

When I started looking into a Singapore physics tuition program for my son, I was surprised that there were so many different tutors and programs available. I was a bit frazzled at first because I had no idea how to find out which tutor was the best one. This was not a decision that could be taken lightly. If I want to know what restaurant to go to for dinner, it really does not matter in the grand scheme of things if I choose a poor one on any particular evening.

The same cannot be said about a physics tutor though. My son was struggling in his class at school, and he needed help. His teacher is the one who suggested that I look into a physics tutoring program, and she gave me some tips on how to find one that is qualified. I just had no idea that there would be so many who are qualified in this area. I went back to her for further help, explaining why I wanted to pick the one who would be the absolute best fit for my daughter. She understood that, and she took a look at the different ones in our area.

When she saw the one that Tony Chee teaches, she told me that she did not have to look any further. She has several of his books, and she has been to some of his lectures too. She told me that if my daughter was not able to learn even more from him, then physics is just not for her. I signed her up for his course, and she positively bloomed in there. He has a unique way of teaching, and she could not get enough of it. She is so confident now in physics that she isn’t even worried about any upcoming exams.