My Toys Were Lost at the Airport

During the summer, I took a trip to an island resort, and while exploring some of the shops on the island, I found one that sells sex toys. These were a little different from the ones that are usually sold in the stores back home. I bought enough toys to fill an entire bag. When I flew back home, I noticed that one of my back did not come through the luggage carousel. I looked around the airport for it, but I couldn’t find it. Someone else had gotten my bag, and all of the toys that were in it.

Whoever got my bag probably got the shock of their life when they opened it. There were enough toys in the bag to use for my owl adult movie. Given the number of people who pass by the airport at any given time, the bag with my toys could be anywhere by now. There’s a chance that the person who found the toys has already tossed them in the garbage, or maybe used them. I thought the only way I would be able to get toys like the ones I found on the island would be to go back to the island, but I found another way. There is an online store that sells the exact same toys.

I felt at ease knowing that the toys would be easily shipped to me with a minimal risk of being lost in the mail. I was sad about losing the toys, and that I had to pay for new ones, but at least they were available. Next time I go somewhere I buy something that can’t possibly be found anywhere else, I’ll either take it on the plane with me in a carry on bag, or I’ll just pay to have it shipped to my address with a tracking number.