My Family is Happy Because of Outside Hobbies

I love that my husband has so many interests. I have always seen curiosity as a good sign of intelligence. It is one of the reasons I was drawn to him so long ago. He spends many nights after work doing things that make him happy, and that keeps him happy in our relationship, too. So, I give him a lot of free range to take part in his passions. He likes to look for RC truck sales to get good deals on one of his hobbies. I love that our son is now old enough to be interested in his dad’s happy. They get to spend a lot of quality time together now.

My husband has build a track for remote control vehicles in our backyard. I was a little worried about losing such beautiful grass in a large area of the yard, but then I realized that I very rarely get outside to even enjoy the grass, so there was no need to worry about it. He worked about 3 months on putting in the track and our son helped. I watched how happy the two of them were together as they worked. I smiled each time they would wolf down their dinner after talking about that days work and being eager to get past dinner so that they could go out back and work on their big plans. I was happy to let them do just that. I stayed inside and smiled as I did the dishes and watched outside together.

Now that the track is built, my husband and son’s friends come over often to have fun, too. The guys love to have races and set up obstacles to try to make their RC races more challenging. I love knowing that my boys are happy and that their shared passion brings them more happiness.