Moving to a New State Has Been Great

I as really hoping that the apts for Goodlettsville TN residents would be really nice after my hubby told me that we would be moving there, I knew nothing about Tennessee other than the fact that I knew that it is really pretty there. I was hoping that the city we would be moving to would also be really pretty. I really like places that have a lot of trees and forest area, and I knew nothing about this particular city, so I immediately began looking online to learn about it. I was pleased to see that it looks just like I thought it would.

I grew up in California where there are a lot of beaches and palm trees. I like it well enough, but any time that I had been on vacation in an area that has a lot of forest area, I found myself feeling even more at home. I really never thought I would have a chance to move to a place like that. So, I told my husband that I was looking forward to the move. He was surprised because he thought he would have a tough time talking me into the move.

About a week after he told me that we would be moving, we caught a flight to Tennessee so that we could spend the weekend looking at apartments. We ended up finding a building that backs right up to a beautiful area that is full of pine trees that are about 60 feet tall. I loved it immediately. The people here are much friendlier than they are in California. They are much more laid back and casual, too. In California, people are not as nice as I would like them to be and they are really into looks and clothing. I knew it would be nice to get away from that kind of life.