Living Closer to Work is Such a Blessing

I was so happy to finally get the job that I wanted at the local airport. I had applied there before, but I didn’t have the right educational qualifications. It took me two years to get them, and I was happy when I was hired on after just one interview. I was living with my folks at the time, and it was nearly an hour travel each way to work. I was tired after a long day at work, so I decided the best thing to do was look at apartments for rent in Florissant MO.

That would put me a lot closer to work, which would save me nearly two hours of driving each day. That is ten hours a week of my life given back to me! It only took me a few minutes to find the apartment that I wanted, thanks to the wonders of the Internet. I just did a search for apartments in the area, and I was able to look at a few different complexes that are the closest to the airport. When I saw Crossing at Northpointe, I knew that it was the one for me.

The apartments are extremely affordable, and they are really nice too. I like that it has the features that I want, like a swimming pool since I love to swim, and it is only a short walk to just about anything I could need as far as stores, shops and restaurants are concerned. The layout of the apartment is also nice, and I have everything there I could need too. I have one bedroom, one bath, a balcony, and a nice sized kitchen and living room. I have even met some really great friends here, and I love not having to travel two hours every single day through the week!