Keeping Up with House Needs Became My Goal

I really could not help it that I was low on funds and couldn’t pay for house repairs for many years. It isn’t that I was blowing through my money and spending it on frivolous things, I had a lot of things that needed to be handled. But by putting off repairs, I needed to get a new roof replacement in Queens and some other things done. It became very important that I began focusing on getting things fixed around my place before things inside and outside of the house became more damaged.

I have never been bad with what I do with my money. I have so many friends that live paycheck because they do a lot of shopping and get things that they want and absolutely do not need. For example, I went to a friend’s recently and could not figure out why she needed some of the things in her closet. She has a big walk-in closet, and she had 30 pairs of boots stacked in the corner and none have ever been worn, She has about 35 t-shirts and 60 blouses hanging up. She had so many dresses that I lost count. She wears a lot of the same things to work, so it didn’t make any sense. On top of that, she always finds herself in a bind with bills, too. That’s not the way I lived life.

I did get a few things here and there worked on over the years. Some of the things that needed to be done I was able to do myself. I also have a friend who is married to a handyman, and he came over to patch some things up, including my roof. By the time that I got done paying off some very large bills, I was ready to work on the roof. I’m glad that I had it replaced because we got a big storm in the very next week!