I’m Making a Good Decision for Myself and My Family

My grandfather was the one who essentially taught me the art of survival from days gone past. He lived through hard times many decades ago, and it was very common for people who lived in the mountains to get by better in life. It could be harsh to live in remote places back then, and people helping others was crucial for surviving. I have decided that I’m going to migrate to Canada because of that mindset. I think it will help me and my family to survive better. I also want to be helpful to others as well. It’s not all about me.

I live in a country where independence has always been important. It helps people to become stronger within themselves, which is a good thing. But I also feel that we have also become very separate as a result. People are less willing to help one another these days. You cannot thrive in the best way without teamwork from other people. That is a fact that we have seen proven over and over again. You can only go so far without help from others and vice versa. Learning about how to live in a cold, remote area where there are few stores or hospitals came about with the help of learning from other people. I wouldn’t know the most basic things if it weren’t for other people sharing that info with me.

Canada is a friendly country, and that is why I have chosen to live there. There are a lot of other survivalists who live in mountainous areas. I wanted to have these types of mentally strong people as my neighbors and friends. Crime is almost non-existent because people work hard for what they have, rather than taking from others. These are the kind of people I want my children to grow up around.