I Had a Great Time in Utah

Of course at the time I was really confused, but when this girl knocked on my hotel door I definitely let her in. Eventually I realized that she was from an Asian escort service in Salt Lake City and that the people who sent her expected that my boss was going to be in my hotel room. Unfortunately for him he had to go home to bury one of his uncles back in West Virginia. At any rate it did not really do them much good to bribe me with this girl, but I figured that this made it just fine for me. If I had been taking a bribe to do something, then that would have been a problem for me. I really wonder if the boss would have taken a bribe to do something that he would not have done in the first place. I am sure that he would have thought the bribe was fine so long as he was doing something that benefited the company, it is his company after all.

At any rate when I got back I sort of told him about it and he told me a story about how he and this other guy had been naval aviators based in Subic Bay in the Philippines. Apparently the girl had absolutely nothing to do with business, it was just a gift between two old friends to remind them of the good old days. He thought that the entire thing was funny and asked me if the girl was a Pinoy. I did not even know what that meant and told him that I was not an expert on Asian escorts, but that I had quite enjoyed learning the little bit that I had come to know in Salt Lake City. He laughed every time he saw me for a week.