I Got Fast Help when I Needed It

I think I was quite spoiled when I lived in an apartment building because if anything happened, I could simply make a call to the building landlord who would then call someone to repair whatever needed to be fixed. There was no extra cost involved, my rent price remained the same price every month. But none of that money went toward me owning my own place, so that was a big downfall. Now that I’m on my own, things break and it’s my responsibility. Recently, I needed to look for a company that does drain cleaning in Bronx NY after water dripped through my ceiling.

I had heard of people finding water dripping through their ceiling in an apartment because of the tenant above them causing it. I was lucky in that it never happened to me. But while I was sitting down with a cup of after-dinner coffee, a nice cigar and the newspaper one night, I felt a drip of something wet on top of my head. I thought I was imagining it, when it suddenly happened again. I looked up to see the drips coming down faster and the ceiling was wet. I knew that meant trouble right away.

After rushing around to remove the furniture and roll away the rug that was under the water drip, I raced upstairs to see the problem. Nothing was overflowing in the bathroom that was directly above the room below, so I wasn’t sure what the problem was. I had a feeling that something was stopped up, though. And without any expertise on my part, I knew that meant calling in someone who knew what they were doing.

When the company employees got there to assess and fix things, they stated that I was right in something be stopped up. They knew exactly where to look, and they fixed it. I thought they would charge me too much, but the price was very low. Owning a house is not as expensive as I thought.