How I Brought Back Bed Bugs in My Luggage

I stayed in a motel that the company I work for paid for when I had to fix some computers at a new production facility the company bought in another state. My company can always be cheap with the travel expenses, but I didn’t complain as it resulted in a bigger year-end bonus. However, this motel stay resulted in me bringing back bed bugs in my luggage. I had no idea until a couple of months later when my wife and I had strange marks on our skin. We had to hire a bed bug exterminator in NYC to get rid of the pests in our home. I can certainly say that it was creepy and downright disgusting to even think about having picked up these critters during a hotel stay.

The reason I know they were brought home in my luggage is that I had the exterminator look through the bags for any sign of them. He found evidence of bed bugs in the luggage I used for my trip. Bed bugs can hide in tiny spaces, and we were tempted to throw out the bed and everything in the bedroom to get rid of them. We were going to keep hard-surfaced stuff and just clean it good. When the exterminator showed us how tiny the bugs are and how they can hide in the tiniest of spaces, we decided that letting him do the eradicating would be best. We followed his instructions for all of our other stuff to make sure we got them all.

I have been very picky about where I will stay now every time I have to travel for work. I do not care how much they cut back on my bonus for making them pick better hotels and motels when I have to travel for them. I just do not want a repeat of bringing home bugs to bite us in my luggage.