Helping a Friend Find a New Place Turned into Something Bigger

I’ve had the opportunity to meet some really good people through my church. I’ve met quite a few who have become good friends, and there are always new people joining, too. One of these people turned out to be someone who I would begin dating, and now we’re going to get married. It all started when I learned that she needed help looking for apartments in Bluffdale Ut ah because she was having a tough time in the relationship and situation that she was in. I never imagined that it would turn into such a positive thing for me to help out.

It all started when a new woman came to our bible study group that we have every Wednesday night. She was polite and friendly, and everyone liked her. We all knew that she was living with someone, but we did not know right away that she was in an abusive relationship with the guy she was living with. One day, she burst out crying while reading a bible passage. A friend took her aside to talk to her and learned of the woman’s situation at home. She needed a new place to stay, but that is hard to do when you have two children and a full-time job. I learned of the situation and told her that I knew of a place she could move to because my buddy owned the building. I helped her to get a place there.

About six months after this woman moved in, I sought her out to talk to her and see how she was doing. She seemed so much happier. Our conversation grew, and I ended up asking her out for a cup of coffee. We began dating right after that. She’s really a great person, and I don’t know how anyone else could have treated her poorly. I even love her two daughters, too.