Dad and I Had a Busy Day

My Dad and I have been working pretty hard today. He knew this guy who works for a Suffolk county tree removal service and he made a deal with the guy to cut down three trees in his back yard. The guy did this for him and he gave him an old car that did not run. The guy does not want to get it running, but like my Dad he works on old cars. In fact my father must have acquired this thing because he knew that the other guy would want it and he wanted him to put these trees on the ground for him. It was not a big deal for him. He looked at the trees a few times and then he figured out how to do it. That was just the beginning of the day though. He was gone by ten in the morning, hauling that old car off for parts on a trailer. We were just getting started.

Of course getting the trees down is the really dangerous part and you need a guy who is going to get them to the ground without hitting a house or a power line or any other thing that you do not want to have a tree upon. However the real work is to clean up the mess after that is done. We started by cutting off the limbs with axes and hatchets, then piling them up on the curb for the city to haul off. After that we started at the tree tops, because that is the easier part of the tree to deal with. Very soon we had a very large pile of firewood and we really did not have any work done on a large part of the trees. We ate lunch and worked until it was dark.