Coming Together Through a Game

I learned about a website last year called Iso Hunt, where you can download a lot of things that you wouldn’t normally find on any other website. I usually use the website to download pod casts, but sometimes I will venture out of my comfort zone and download something else. There was a game that was added to the website that lets you build many objects with your friends. You can destroy the objects at any time, and you can even fight with your friends while doing it. The game was one of the most fun experiences that I ever had in a while.

While playing the game, I met a lot of people that I would have never met through my usual circle of friends. There was one guy who was a software programmer. He had a lot of knowledge about programming languages, and knew a lot about the code of the game. He could get into the games files and make changes to it that would make the game twice as fun. He made a mod for the game that let everyone in it fly and shoot nails at people. We decided to use this to have a competition one day.

I met another person who is an expert artist. His game character had a lot of cool designs and costumes. We asked him if he could make some costumes for the rest of us so we could also look as cool as him and he did. He asked us what kinds of designs we would like to see on our characters and we gave him some ideas. One day we decided to put our talents together and made a giant statue. The artist painted it, and the programmer made it look cool with some of the mods that he made.