Can You Believe We Found Great Spanish Food in Singapore?

I really wanted to see the urban architecture of Singapore. I did not know of any other place that you could live, work and recreate in one building never actually needing to leave the grounds. Some shared use buildings in Singapore have retail, office, residential, dining and recreational space in a single building. You can live midway up a skyscraper, visit a pool and park with trees and grass on the roof, work in an office and go to the store, doctor or be entertained on other floors. I also had no idea I could get Spanish food in Singapore.

My wife surprised me with a trip to visit the island. I got to see how the people are expanding the land mass out into the ocean to make more room for everyone. I see how urbanized it is, but they do put a lot of thought into having natural spaces for people to enjoy. As they run out of room on the ground, they are building natural areas into and on the buildings themselves. There are all kinds of people there, and the cuisine is unlike what I would expect at all. I thought that it being an island that seafood would be what you would find the most in restaurants. I was really delighted and surprised to find Spanish food in Singapore that was quite authentic and really delicious.

I tried different paella dishes. I even had a vegetarian and a vegan paella. I am a big fan of rice cooked well into various recipes. You would have to try a Spanish paella to know what I mean. Make sure you get authentic Spanish foods and not a version that is regionalized to where you are eating it. I never thought I would travel the distance from home to Singapore and find better Spanish food than I have ever had in my life.