A Better Way of Business Accounting with Quicken 2016

I started using Quicken back when it came on floppy disks. I really liked it as an accounting software. I have seen it evolve over the years to be very full featured. We can do everything from payroll accounting to printing checks. This is why I am sticking with it through the Quicken 2016 version. I have not found anything I might like better. It is easy to export and import information for taxes, and reports can be printed to show us, banks and others any accounting details we need.

I also really like the mobile app for when I am out in the field. It makes it easy to do accounting on the fly rather than having to handle a lot of paperwork at the end of the day. I like to be free to do the actual work that is earning our money rather than being bogged down with accounting paperwork. In fact, I prefer not to have to touch a piece of paper. I prefer as much electronic integration as possible. As the years have gone by, the amount of papers businesses have to deal with seems to be increasing rather than decreasing. Of course, though, it depends on how you run your setup. I want as little paper as possible.

Electronic records are secure with passwords. Plus the information can be stored in the cloud and not lost like traditional files can be. Where I used to live a doctor’s office lost patient records when a flood hit. That was back before doctors had electronic health records. If we lost any paper transactions, we still have an accounting in our new Quicken 2016. I like the redundancy, especially if it would ever come to audit time. We keep meticulous records and do it easily with our Quicken accounting software.