Three New Showers for Our Old House

I live in a very old house. It was built sometime in the 1800s, and whoever built it did a great job because it is solid. As soon as I saw it, I knew that I wanted to buy it. The house is solid, and there are nearly 50 acres of land too. My husband loves having that much land, so I told him he could do whatever he wanted with it, but that I got to do my own thing inside the house. The first thing I did was search for shower replacement in Queens NY on my computer.

I knew that there was not a local company that would do this, but it would not be too far of a haul for someone to come from Queens. I knew that I could handle painting the walls myself and my husband would put in the sink that I wanted. Neither of us had the know how on replacing the shower though. We got such a great price on the house that I had plenty left in my budget to hire a professional to do it. I knew what I wanted, so I just had to find someone who could give me that.

The company that I hired is absolutely great. In fact, I ended up having them do all three bathroom showers. We originally only had two full baths, but the half bath was big enough to put a shower stall in there too. The shower company offers great prices and some pretty fantastic deals, so it was just too hard to pass up. I knew that our kids would appreciate having a third shower in the house too. The work was done quickly, and we were all taking showers much sooner than we thought we would in this new house of ours!

The Neighborhood Isn’t the Same

The residents of Boise were shaken after hearing about a burglary on my street. Our little community hadn’t had anything like this happen to it, and we were all afraid to sleep after that. The local ADT Boise branch received a lot of calls from people who wanted to have security systems installed in their homes, and I was among the people who made the calls. Some people went to the local gun shop and bought guns to protect their homes. I already had a gun, but I really didn’t want to have to use it.

The installation of the security system gave me comfort in knowing that if anyone tried to get into my home while I was asleep or away, the system would trigger an alarm that would try to drive them away. Continue reading The Neighborhood Isn’t the Same

Turning an Overgrown Lot into a Comfortable Back Yard for My Family

We bought the lot behind our house. It has been an empty lot as far back as I can remember. We bought this house from my parents, and my parents bought it from my grandparents. My dad said the lot was just grass when he was a kid. They played baseball on it. The trees were growing in it when I was a child, and now it was a forest of trees and briar bushes. We called a tree service in Long Island to come out and clear the property after we bought it. It connects right up against our back yard and extends to the end of the block. It was owned by a company and never used. We are the first new owners of that property in about 80 years.

We have always wanted to extend our small back yard area. Now we have a huge area. The tree service in Long Island not only removed all the vegetation, they landscaped it by planting lawn and new trees and planting beds. We had them keep one majestic oak that tested to be in perfect health when core samples were taken to look inside the tree. A little pruning made it beautiful. All of the other trees were a mix of fast-growing native trees and other plants.

The grass is now all filled in, and the newly planted landscaping plants are growing nicely. It is a beautiful area to relax in. We surrounded the lot with a nice fence so the kids can play in the yard along with our two big dogs. We have barbecues and entertain in that yard all the time now. The old yard was just too small to enjoy, but we did make the best use of it. I like going out and just sitting under that big oak tree. When I am on the riding mower I will sometimes just stop and shut off the mower under the shade of that big tree. I will lay out on the grass with my wife and kids and look up at the clouds and the stars. It is nice to have a big back yard.