Finding Seclusion on a Crowded Island Filled with Tall Buildings

Sometimes I feel like I am a functional recluse. I can go to work and endure social gatherings when necessary. However, my default is to stay at home. I enjoy my hobbies at home and do not have a desire to go out for entertainment. On the bright side, it saves me a lot of money that I can use on my hobbies. However, I do like open spaces and I enjoy swimming. This is why I am considering a condo at the New Futura in Singapore. There are two skyscraper towers for this project, and each one has pools on the 23rd level for the residents. The swimming areas are surrounded in a serene setting type that I do enjoy when I am not at home. There are two towers to choose from with many of the condo units already sold.

It is tough being like me on a crowded island. I visited a distant relative once in the States. He lived with his family on a large plot of land out in the middle of nowhere. I enjoyed going off by myself when the world seemed to feel like it was closing in around me and just paint. I still have the paintings of those landscapes hanging on my walls here back home. I never sold any of them. It is tough to recreate those feelings here on the crowded island of Singapore, especially in a densely populated urban area where I need to live to work. However, I manage to find secluded spots even here in Singapore where public spaces are very well occupied and used.

One thing that works for me is timing when I go swimming or for a walk on a trail. Where the rest of the folks are pretty much on a predictable schedule, I choose times to find seclusion when they are at work or at times when most people would be home with family. There are probably a lot of people that feel like me, but it’s not like we are going to advertise it.