I Got My Life Back After a Bad Accident

I went to see a chiropractor in Santa Maria, who I heard fantastic things about. Separately, I also set up an appointment at another chiropractor’s office located closer to home. I wanted to see which place would offer better treatments. I quickly learned that both of them offered great prices and services. I ended up going to the place in Santa Maria because I felt comfortable there. It felt good to know that I could receive such good treatment after the car accident that I had last year. I had been down a long road in the hospital, and I was grateful that I was living on my own, walking again and feeling so much better again.

It all started when I went on a blind date with a guy that mutual friends had set me up with. I had never been on a blind date, and I was worried. I felt that he would not be a murderer since my friends knew him well, but I didn’t know anything about him as a person or what he even looked like. He seemed nice enough during the first few moments that we met. I was willing to get into his car with him so that he could drive us to dinner. Dinner was pleasant enough. What I didn’t know is that he had been drinking before he came to pick me up. At dinner, he had a few more drinks. By the time we left the restaurant, his blood alcohol level was sky high.

That was the night that my blind date crashed into another car. It took his life, and it put me into the hospital for 5 months. At first, the doctor told me that I would not be able to walk again. I believed him at first, and then I worked hard to prove him wrong. Now that I’m out of the hospital and walking again, I go see my chiropractor weekly to give me further help. I’ve taken control of my life again.

I Wanted to Feel Normal Like Everyone else when I Look in the Mirror

I have envied other women who can go without makeup and feel comfortable doing so. I had a birthmark on my right cheek that is about 3 inches by 3 inches wide. In my twenties, I learned to stop counting the number of people who would ask, “What is that on your face?” I began wearing makeup at all times to keep it covered. Beauty treatments now work miracles, so I went to a female aesthetic doctor in Singapore who has been helping to change the way my cheek looks.

When I was a small girl, other kids teased me about the discoloration on my cheek. I remember one boy telling me that no man would ever want me because I looked like a monster. That turned out not to be true, of course. However, as a child, I was mortified and believed him. I have never really liked cosmetics, so I did not start using them immediately in my teens when most girls began using them. Continue reading I Wanted to Feel Normal Like Everyone else when I Look in the Mirror

The Entire Team Gets Chiropractic Care

When we got a new head coach for our college football team, we were all excited. I am one of the special teams coaches, and I knew that we needed to head in a different direction if we were ever going to get out of our slump. When he told us that he wanted all of the players to see a chiropractor in Santa Barbara, I admit that I was just as confused as the other coaches. We knew that chiropractic care is important for players who are injured, and we made sure that they received all the medical attention they need should an injury occur, regardless if it is on the field or off.

However, none of our players were injured at that time. I know a bit about preventive care, but I honestly never considered it as far as chiropractic care is concerned. The new coach explained his reasoning, and we were all on board with it. Continue reading The Entire Team Gets Chiropractic Care