Things We Know to Look for when Picking a New Apartment

We have two kids and two dogs. Technically that is having four kids as our dogs are like family, and they require care and supervision. We were in a position of needing to move because the property manager of our old place would not fix some serious problems. We were searching for nice apartments for Tallahassee when we found Parkway Square. It was a real step above where we were living. I am not sure what was going on yet, but I think the owner really wanted to drive tenants out to rebuild into something else. We really have been impressed with Parkway Square from the first day. This place is kept up really nice.

We had looked at a lot of apartments in our two month search. We took our time so as not to move into another situation we would want out of. We took the time to even meet a few people close to the apartment we were considering. Continue reading Things We Know to Look for when Picking a New Apartment

Following My Best Friend to a New City

After living in New York for all my life, I never saw myself living anywhere else. That was until I went on vacation and visited the wonderful city of Tallahassee. I have a friend who moved here about a year ago, and I decided to pay her a visit. I fell in love with the city and the community and everything else it had to offer, and I decided that this was where I wanted to move. As soon as I got back home, I started searching for Tallahassee apartments.

I was looking for an apartment home that would be not only affordable, but would make me feel like I was living in the lap of luxury. Fortunately for me, rent is so much less expensive than Tallahassee than New York. For what I paid New York, I was certain that I could find something quite extravagant in Tallahassee. Continue reading Following My Best Friend to a New City