Family Has Been Helpful in Making Decisions

I may not have a lot of experience yet in life, but I know that it is best to live with a friend if you are young and can’t pay for all your basic living needs on your own. I knew that there is no reason to get myself into debt. So, I asked my best friend if she wanted to look at Newport News apartments for rent with me. Her face lit up immediately. She had been wanting to move out, but she only works part time and goes to school, so she knew that she could not do it by herself. I have graduated and have a full time job now, but extra help and support is always a very good thing.

My parents told me that they would help us with furniture and a lot of other things that we will need. Despite all the things in my parent’s home, I had never really sat down and thought about the fact that a mop, broom, towels, toilet paper and all the other things that you need for basic needs can add up to quite a bit of money. So, mom sat me down and wrote out a big list of the most essential things that we will need. When I saw the total price, I was a little nervous. But she said that I have always been a good kid, and that I have worked hard to get through school and stay out of trouble, so she was willing to help.

My dad helped me and my best friend find the best place for us. It’s in a very secure area. The rent is a price we can both afford. It is in a part of town that makes our jobs and our families still very accessible to us. My parents are helping us to learn all that we need to know.

Living Closer to Work is Such a Blessing

I was so happy to finally get the job that I wanted at the local airport. I had applied there before, but I didn’t have the right educational qualifications. It took me two years to get them, and I was happy when I was hired on after just one interview. I was living with my folks at the time, and it was nearly an hour travel each way to work. I was tired after a long day at work, so I decided the best thing to do was look at apartments for rent in Florissant MO.

That would put me a lot closer to work, which would save me nearly two hours of driving each day. Continue reading Living Closer to Work is Such a Blessing

You Can Find a Better Apartment if You Just Start Looking

We had problems with our water heater. It was electric, and it had two heating elements. One kept burning out every couple of months. The water would barely get lukewarm when that happened. I asked the landlord three times to just put in a new water heater as something was obviously wrong with it burning out elements every couple of months. He would not do it. Then the air conditioning would only cool the apartment to just under 80 degrees on hot days. The repair tech said it needed replaced. We started looking at apartments in Fort Worth when the landlord said he could get to it in a month or so. We had to get a judge involved to get out of our lease, but we moved the same day it was approved. Continue reading You Can Find a Better Apartment if You Just Start Looking