Paying Contractors and Keeping Good Records

I have contractors to pay. My wife and I decided to remodel the inside and outside of our home. We could not find one contractor to do all of the work. We are not getting any younger, so we decided to get one of the walk-in tubs as part of the renovations. Those things are pricey, but they are so nice to have. I have taken showers exclusively for most of my years. However, I am liking the new tub. I was relaxing in it last night thinking of how to find a pay stub template for all of these contractors. I have to make sure they get the right forms along with their checks. Not all of them are in business. For example, I hired a local guy to do clean up. He has a day job, but was earning extra money as a sub-contractor cleaning up behind all of the other workers here. Continue reading Paying Contractors and Keeping Good Records