We Needed to Rent One of the Limo Party Buses to Pick Up Our Big Family from the Airport

We never rented a limo for our family coming in for the holidays because there is usually 25 of them. It is a fun yet chaotic time at our house for the week they are all here. Sometimes we fly over to be with them for a week, but sometimes they all fly here. Everyone wants to come visit. We are like that as a family. They all book the same flight together. I usually have friends help me pick them up. When I learned of the stretch limos that limo companies are now renting (check out http://www.limoservicemississauga.org), we got one of them instead.

We got a bigger bus so we could ride into the airport and back with them. Plus, we needed a place to put all the luggage. The bus we got had a bathroom in it and a beverage bar. It was a fun ride! Some stay at our house, and some stay at my in-law’s house just across the street from us. Continue reading We Needed to Rent One of the Limo Party Buses to Pick Up Our Big Family from the Airport

Coming Together Through a Game

I learned about a website last year called Iso Hunt, where you can download a lot of things that you wouldn’t normally find on any other website. I usually use the website to download pod casts, but sometimes I will venture out of my comfort zone and download something else. There was a game that was added to the website that lets you build many objects with your friends. You can destroy the objects at any time, and you can even fight with your friends while doing it. The game was one of the most fun experiences that I ever had in a while.

While playing the game, I met a lot of people that I would have never met through my usual circle of friends. Continue reading Coming Together Through a Game

What Can the Matter Be

One day my computer started having trouble, and eventually I couldn’t boot into the operating system. I used my phone to look for a solution, but couldn’t come up with one. I was stumped and in need of a way to use my computer, so I came up with an alternative. I went to Pirate Bay and downloaded a version of Linux. I then transferred this to a flash drive and booted it up through my computer. After doing some configuration, I had a viable operating system that I could use until I figured out what going on with the other one.

I usually use Linux as a fall back operating system whenever I’m having trouble with a computer. Linux has some differences from my usual operating system, but it’s similar enough that I can still use it without having too much of a problem. Continue reading What Can the Matter Be

A Better Way of Business Accounting with Quicken 2016

I started using Quicken back when it came on floppy disks. I really liked it as an accounting software. I have seen it evolve over the years to be very full featured. We can do everything from payroll accounting to printing checks. This is why I am sticking with it through the Quicken 2016 version. I have not found anything I might like better. It is easy to export and import information for taxes, and reports can be printed to show us, banks and others any accounting details we need.

I also really like the mobile app for when I am out in the field. Continue reading A Better Way of Business Accounting with Quicken 2016