My Toys Were Lost at the Airport

During the summer, I took a trip to an island resort, and while exploring some of the shops on the island, I found one that sells sex toys. These were a little different from the ones that are usually sold in the stores back home. I bought enough toys to fill an entire bag. When I flew back home, I noticed that one of my back did not come through the luggage carousel. I looked around the airport for it, but I couldn’t find it. Someone else had gotten my bag, and all of the toys that were in it.

Whoever got my bag probably got the shock of their life when they opened it. Continue reading My Toys Were Lost at the Airport

I Got Fast Help when I Needed It

I think I was quite spoiled when I lived in an apartment building because if anything happened, I could simply make a call to the building landlord who would then call someone to repair whatever needed to be fixed. There was no extra cost involved, my rent price remained the same price every month. But none of that money went toward me owning my own place, so that was a big downfall. Now that I’m on my own, things break and it’s my responsibility. Recently, I needed to look for a company that does drain cleaning in Bronx NY after water dripped through my ceiling.

I had heard of people finding water dripping through their ceiling in an apartment because of the tenant above them causing it. Continue reading I Got Fast Help when I Needed It