How I Brought Back Bed Bugs in My Luggage

I stayed in a motel that the company I work for paid for when I had to fix some computers at a new production facility the company bought in another state. My company can always be cheap with the travel expenses, but I didn’t complain as it resulted in a bigger year-end bonus. However, this motel stay resulted in me bringing back bed bugs in my luggage. I had no idea until a couple of months later when my wife and I had strange marks on our skin. We had to hire a bed bug exterminator in NYC to get rid of the pests in our home. I can certainly say that it was creepy and downright disgusting to even think about having picked up these critters during a hotel stay. Continue reading How I Brought Back Bed Bugs in My Luggage

Family Has Been Helpful in Making Decisions

I may not have a lot of experience yet in life, but I know that it is best to live with a friend if you are young and can’t pay for all your basic living needs on your own. I knew that there is no reason to get myself into debt. So, I asked my best friend if she wanted to look at Newport News apartments for rent with me. Her face lit up immediately. She had been wanting to move out, but she only works part time and goes to school, so she knew that she could not do it by herself. I have graduated and have a full time job now, but extra help and support is always a very good thing.

My parents told me that they would help us with furniture and a lot of other things that we will need. Despite all the things in my parent’s home, I had never really sat down and thought about the fact that a mop, broom, towels, toilet paper and all the other things that you need for basic needs can add up to quite a bit of money. So, mom sat me down and wrote out a big list of the most essential things that we will need. When I saw the total price, I was a little nervous. But she said that I have always been a good kid, and that I have worked hard to get through school and stay out of trouble, so she was willing to help.

My dad helped me and my best friend find the best place for us. It’s in a very secure area. The rent is a price we can both afford. It is in a part of town that makes our jobs and our families still very accessible to us. My parents are helping us to learn all that we need to know.

Living Closer to Work is Such a Blessing

I was so happy to finally get the job that I wanted at the local airport. I had applied there before, but I didn’t have the right educational qualifications. It took me two years to get them, and I was happy when I was hired on after just one interview. I was living with my folks at the time, and it was nearly an hour travel each way to work. I was tired after a long day at work, so I decided the best thing to do was look at apartments for rent in Florissant MO.

That would put me a lot closer to work, which would save me nearly two hours of driving each day. Continue reading Living Closer to Work is Such a Blessing

You Can Find a Better Apartment if You Just Start Looking

We had problems with our water heater. It was electric, and it had two heating elements. One kept burning out every couple of months. The water would barely get lukewarm when that happened. I asked the landlord three times to just put in a new water heater as something was obviously wrong with it burning out elements every couple of months. He would not do it. Then the air conditioning would only cool the apartment to just under 80 degrees on hot days. The repair tech said it needed replaced. We started looking at apartments in Fort Worth when the landlord said he could get to it in a month or so. We had to get a judge involved to get out of our lease, but we moved the same day it was approved. Continue reading You Can Find a Better Apartment if You Just Start Looking

Tree Removal Companies in Long Island

I think that it is time to have some tree work done in my yard again, and I have probably been putting it off because I am not looking forward to having to pay as much money as it tends to cost for this type of work. But maybe I can get a better deal this time than last time around. I am going to try to look for companies that do tree removal in Long Island and I would like to see if I can get a few quotes from a few different companies to compare.

Of course, before I can get quotes, I will have to figure out exactly what I want to have done. Continue reading Tree Removal Companies in Long Island

Keeping Up with House Needs Became My Goal

I really could not help it that I was low on funds and couldn’t pay for house repairs for many years. It isn’t that I was blowing through my money and spending it on frivolous things, I had a lot of things that needed to be handled. But by putting off repairs, I needed to get a new roof replacement in Queens and some other things done. It became very important that I began focusing on getting things fixed around my place before things inside and outside of the house became more damaged.

I have never been bad with what I do with my money. I have so many friends that live paycheck because they do a lot of shopping and get things that they want and absolutely do not need. For example, I went to a friend’s recently and could not figure out why she needed some of the things in her closet. She has a big walk-in closet, and she had 30 pairs of boots stacked in the corner and none have ever been worn, She has about 35 t-shirts and 60 blouses hanging up. Continue reading Keeping Up with House Needs Became My Goal

I’m Making a Good Decision for Myself and My Family

My grandfather was the one who essentially taught me the art of survival from days gone past. He lived through hard times many decades ago, and it was very common for people who lived in the mountains to get by better in life. It could be harsh to live in remote places back then, and people helping others was crucial for surviving. I have decided that I’m going to migrate to Canada because of that mindset. I think it will help me and my family to survive better. I also want to be helpful to others as well. It’s not all about me.

I live in a country where independence has always been important. It helps people to become stronger within themselves, which is a good thing. But I also feel that we have also become very separate as a result. People are less willing to help one another these days. You cannot thrive in the best way without teamwork from other people. That is a fact that we have seen proven over and over again. Continue reading I’m Making a Good Decision for Myself and My Family

Paying Contractors and Keeping Good Records

I have contractors to pay. My wife and I decided to remodel the inside and outside of our home. We could not find one contractor to do all of the work. We are not getting any younger, so we decided to get one of the walk-in tubs as part of the renovations. Those things are pricey, but they are so nice to have. I have taken showers exclusively for most of my years. However, I am liking the new tub. I was relaxing in it last night thinking of how to find a pay stub template for all of these contractors. I have to make sure they get the right forms along with their checks. Not all of them are in business. For example, I hired a local guy to do clean up. He has a day job, but was earning extra money as a sub-contractor cleaning up behind all of the other workers here. Continue reading Paying Contractors and Keeping Good Records

We Needed to Rent One of the Limo Party Buses to Pick Up Our Big Family from the Airport

We never rented a limo for our family coming in for the holidays because there is usually 25 of them. It is a fun yet chaotic time at our house for the week they are all here. Sometimes we fly over to be with them for a week, but sometimes they all fly here. Everyone wants to come visit. We are like that as a family. They all book the same flight together. I usually have friends help me pick them up. When I learned of the stretch limos that limo companies are now renting (check out, we got one of them instead.

We got a bigger bus so we could ride into the airport and back with them. Plus, we needed a place to put all the luggage. The bus we got had a bathroom in it and a beverage bar. It was a fun ride! Some stay at our house, and some stay at my in-law’s house just across the street from us. Continue reading We Needed to Rent One of the Limo Party Buses to Pick Up Our Big Family from the Airport

Coming Together Through a Game

I learned about a website last year called Iso Hunt, where you can download a lot of things that you wouldn’t normally find on any other website. I usually use the website to download pod casts, but sometimes I will venture out of my comfort zone and download something else. There was a game that was added to the website that lets you build many objects with your friends. You can destroy the objects at any time, and you can even fight with your friends while doing it. The game was one of the most fun experiences that I ever had in a while.

While playing the game, I met a lot of people that I would have never met through my usual circle of friends. Continue reading Coming Together Through a Game

What Can the Matter Be

One day my computer started having trouble, and eventually I couldn’t boot into the operating system. I used my phone to look for a solution, but couldn’t come up with one. I was stumped and in need of a way to use my computer, so I came up with an alternative. I went to Pirate Bay and downloaded a version of Linux. I then transferred this to a flash drive and booted it up through my computer. After doing some configuration, I had a viable operating system that I could use until I figured out what going on with the other one.

I usually use Linux as a fall back operating system whenever I’m having trouble with a computer. Linux has some differences from my usual operating system, but it’s similar enough that I can still use it without having too much of a problem. Continue reading What Can the Matter Be

My Toys Were Lost at the Airport

During the summer, I took a trip to an island resort, and while exploring some of the shops on the island, I found one that sells sex toys. These were a little different from the ones that are usually sold in the stores back home. I bought enough toys to fill an entire bag. When I flew back home, I noticed that one of my back did not come through the luggage carousel. I looked around the airport for it, but I couldn’t find it. Someone else had gotten my bag, and all of the toys that were in it.

Whoever got my bag probably got the shock of their life when they opened it. Continue reading My Toys Were Lost at the Airport

More Followers for My Channel

A friend of mine who streams on Twitch suggested that I buy twitch followers in order to get more people on my channel. My friend had been streaming longer than me, and he gained a lot of his followers from buying. I figured if it worked for him, then surely it would work for me. After buying the followers, my stream numbers started to go up, and I became a popular streamer. When a streamer gains enough viewers on Twitch, they can apply to make ad revenue from their streams. When they get even more followers, they can apply to have a subscription option added to the channel.

I gained enough viewers to have ads and subscriptions, but I wasn’t sure how to implement them. I didn’t want to play ads every 5 minutes and have the viewers become annoyed. They probably wouldn’t want to keep watching the channel if they saw nothing but ads. I also didn’t want to put all of my good content behind a subscription pay wall, because then people wouldn’t bother subscribing. I had to think of a way that would still let me get money, but keep the viewers happy.

I came up with a solution that would work out for everyone. I would play ads only once an hour, and I created special emoticons to be used with the subscription service. Only those who subscribed would be allowed to use the emoticons in chat. The viewers like this solution and they still come to my stream. I’ve had a lot of people subscribe to me and they use the emoticons in chat all the time. Since the emoticons work in other chat rooms as well, I had people who don’t normally watch my stream come to it to subscribe so they could use the emoticons.

Taking an Old Home and Making It New

My wife and I decided several years ago that we wanted to purchase a home, but we never got around to it until now. She was awarded a large settlement and she used a lot of it for a down payment. She was very adamant about buying an older home, even though this means that there will need to be a lot of work put into it and we plan to start right away. This is the main reason why I am going to hire someone who offers shower enclosures in long island. The one that is there now is very old and damaged. It has also sustained a lot of water damage over the years. I couldn’t possibly imagine taking a shower in the place while looking at something that is old and beat down. Continue reading Taking an Old Home and Making It New

Getting Ready for the Concert

We are going to be going out on a trip to Singapore after work. There are a couple of dozen of us going, because we got free tickets from the company. So we decided that we would just go ahead and charter a bus charter for singapore and then back across the bridge after it is done. Of course we are not really all that worried about staying sober and we are going to have a great deal of beer on that bus. We have a dinner planned at a restaurant near the concert hall and that is going to be really expensive when you look at the total price of it. Continue reading Getting Ready for the Concert

How I Found the Love of My Life

I always wondered in high school why I didn’t have a boyfriend like all of my friends had. I found it somewhat embarrassing. I figured out after I became an adult, though. I did that thanks to getting future readings love advice from a psychic. Without that help, I think I would have driven myself crazy with my constant worries that I would not find someone to spend the rest of my life with. And the truth is that I am now happily married and have been for the last four years. I knew that would happen when it did thanks to the reading that I got done, too.

In high school, I was never one of the girls who wore high heels, mini skirts and tight tank tops. Those girls seemed like they were always lucky enough to have a boyfriend. I had a lot of people who told me that I was really pretty, though. I had a lot of friends who were guys, but that’s all they ever were. Continue reading How I Found the Love of My Life

Adding a Ponytail to My Short Hair

I’ve worn my hair short for most of my life. Not really short, but down to my shoulders. It’s easy to take care of, but it doesn’t leave me a lot of flexibility when it comes to fancy hairstyles. I’ve noticed the trend now is for people to have really long hair tied back in a sleek ponytail. This isn’t something I’m currently able to do, so I’m looking into getting a ponytail extension. This will allow me to add length to my current hair, without anyone really knowing what I’ve done.

They’re really good at blending colors nowadays. Continue reading Adding a Ponytail to My Short Hair

We Love Our Brand New House!

We’re newly weds, and we just purchased a lot to build our new house. It’s going to be fantastic, I can’t wait! We’re even going to help build the house ourselves, because my husband is a carpenter. His brother’s are going to help us also, as it’s a family business. The cost of the house is going to be a lot cheaper than buying a house outright. We’ll have to find an electrician in Passaic County NJ though because they aren’t trained in that sort of thing.

My house will have four bedrooms, and three bathrooms. We’re gearing up to live here for a very long time and we’ll need plenty of space for the family we intend to have. Continue reading We Love Our Brand New House!

Learning a New Language is Difficult

My husband came home from work one day and told me that if we did not want to be relocated, he was going to be out of a job. I was in the middle of taking courses online for a college degree and I knew that I could not find a job at that time, school was going too well and I was so close to graduating. When I asked him where we were being relocated to, he told me to call a Singapore moving company to see if they could help us ship our things from New York City to our new home country. I did not know what to do because it was such a different culture. Continue reading Learning a New Language is Difficult

My Family is Happy Because of Outside Hobbies

I love that my husband has so many interests. I have always seen curiosity as a good sign of intelligence. It is one of the reasons I was drawn to him so long ago. He spends many nights after work doing things that make him happy, and that keeps him happy in our relationship, too. So, I give him a lot of free range to take part in his passions. He likes to look for RC truck sales to get good deals on one of his hobbies. I love that our son is now old enough to be interested in his dad’s happy. They get to spend a lot of quality time together now.

My husband has build a track for remote control vehicles in our backyard. I was a little worried about losing such beautiful grass in a large area of the yard, but then I realized that I very rarely get outside to even enjoy the grass, so there was no need to worry about it. He worked about 3 months on putting in the track and our son helped. Continue reading My Family is Happy Because of Outside Hobbies

Can You Believe We Found Great Spanish Food in Singapore?

I really wanted to see the urban architecture of Singapore. I did not know of any other place that you could live, work and recreate in one building never actually needing to leave the grounds. Some shared use buildings in Singapore have retail, office, residential, dining and recreational space in a single building. You can live midway up a skyscraper, visit a pool and park with trees and grass on the roof, work in an office and go to the store, doctor or be entertained on other floors. I also had no idea I could get Spanish food in Singapore.

My wife surprised me with a trip to visit the island. I got to see how the people are expanding the land mass out into the ocean to make more room for everyone. Continue reading Can You Believe We Found Great Spanish Food in Singapore?

I Will Never Go Back to Being Unhappy with the Way I Look Again

I did not spend much time thinking about my hair when I was a little girl. But as I grew older, I began to like it less and less. This started around the time I was in the 6th grade and it grew worse by the time I was in high school. By the time I reached my college years, I tried to look in the mirror as few times as possible. But, as someone in her mid-thirties, I now love my hair. I got a kinky curly weave not long ago, and I am so happy with it.

As a child, I was simply not that aware of myself or what I looked like. Oh, I remember standing in front of the mirror at times and making funny faces at myself, smiling or dancing around. Just having fun. And it was nice to be able to do that without thinking much about what I looked like. But as I grew older, I became more aware, and then I started comparing myself to my friends. I wanted the long straight hair that most of them had. Continue reading I Will Never Go Back to Being Unhappy with the Way I Look Again

We Both Signed Up for Swagbucks

When my friend told me she wanted to try out a site she had found to make a few extra bucks here and there, she asked me if I would look into it first. I had no problem doing this, because I know she can be a bit naive when it comes to online matters. She is so trusting, and I am the complete opposite, which is why we are actually good for each other. I went online to check out her site, and I was able to find a bunch of information for it from

This site actually went into a lot of detail about Swagbucks, which is the site that my friend wanted to check out. I had heard of it myself, but I was not sure what it was until I read this site. Continue reading We Both Signed Up for Swagbucks

Companies for Cheap CPanel Server Management

We are upgrading our website at the company that I own and operate, and it is going to be a big jump in capabilities that we will experience once we have finished the upgrade. I am sure looking forward to it because the last website was really outdated and we left it up for far too long. We are going to need to look into cPanel server management for the new website though because I do not really feel like hiring someone who is skilled in the software and will be able to make sure the website stays up and running, so that it will be an asset to the company.

But at the same time, I do not anticipate that we will have issues with the software on a daily basis or anything close to that and so I can’t see it as being a very good idea in order to hire someone for the job. As they would only have one job at the business and it would be something that would only infrequently need attention. As such, actually employing someone to take care of the task would likely be a waste of money, if not almost certainly a waste of money.

Therefore it seems like am uch better idea for us to try to outsource this to another company that specializes in such a thing in the first place. I am sure that this is the cheaper route ot go and I am looking forward to being able to rely on a company and not have to worry about whether the website is going to work correctly. There are a lot of new things that our customers ar egoing to be able to do with th enew website and so it really needs to work right on a regular basis.